Who Am I?

I'm a full time artist and game developer. I specialise in providing professional game artwork and animation for indie prices.


I work closely with you to ensure we land a result you want. First time right is great, but want something slightly different instead? No problem. As a game developer myself, I have experience with the specific requirements and details of a 2D game. So I know how artwork should be built with care to benefit from and take advantage of certain techniques, and also limitations, of game design.

I have countless hours experience with every 2D art style, from pixel art, vector art all the way to digitally painted work. With hundreds of happy clients, multiple ongoing long & short-term projects, and an ever growing portfolio of experience, I have your back.


Working for individuals and companies, small and large tasks, simple or complex projects, are all no issue. I'll maintain constant contact with you until you are 100% satisfied.


  • Artwork & Animation In Every 2D Style

I'm a passionate gamer, and even more passionate about laying game ideas out in neat, clean, stylised visualsls. Professional art and animation - Pixel, vector, painting, and everything in between.

  • Design For Anything

Brand yourself. Logos, interfaces, level design, adverts, covers, and much more.

  • Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Communicate via video! Game trailers, effects, particles, intros, films, and animated logos.

  • GameMaker: Studio 1+2 Programming

I can type in addition to draw. I can help with programming, platform engines, top down movement, interfaces, and even full-scale games.

Artwork &



Video Editing


Why Choose Me?

There are many great reasons why this service may be right for you, take a look below and see if it would benefit your project.


  • Indie Price

Services are extremely affordable, which is subjective, but you'll get an objectively good deal.

Ability to work on projects with low budget, slow pace or sharp deadlines. Accepting of flexible payment plans, either periodically or per-asset.


  • Communication

I hold belief in great artist-client communication for a goal to be met successfully.

You may contact via email or Skype at any time with replies within 24hrs - 5 days a week. 


  • Quality

My work's quality is a guaranteed standard, I cut no corners. Take a look around!

Your budget, scope or type of project will have no bearing on the effort put in, rather the time it takes. I'm always going the extra mile for producing top quality content you can be proud to show.

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